Successful Acting Career in One Simple Step!

It’s the beginning of a new year. People around the world are again reflecting on their lives – where they are, what they’ve accomplished in the previous year, and what the hope to accomplish in the year ahead. This is a great time for people trying to sell subscriptions, courses or e-books all with easy promises of success.

You’ve seen the titles similar to the one for this post. “10 Steps to Success” or “I’ve Made Millions, You Can Too!”

Even with your goal of furthering your acting career, it’s tempting to feel that there is some formula that you can follow. Some simple steps that you can take and you’ll be guaranteed success! Articles like these provide a sense of relief, a feeling that success isn’t as random as it seems.

And that’s not all that bad. There are some good tips in some of these formulas. However, the biggest problem is that the formula as a whole will never be an ultimate solution for you.

So what do you do?

Yes, there are some people who have found success by following a few simple steps. There are some that have even had their dreams handed to them and really did find success in “One Simple Step.”

If there was a single thing that you could do to reach your acting goals, or any goal for that matter, it would be to keep pushing forward.

This may sound cryptic but it’s really very simple. If you don’t keep moving forward, you’ll never get to where you want to go.

So, keep going to auditions, continue networking with others in the industry, take on new projects, continue going to acting classes and more. Do whatever you can to keep moving ahead and no matter what, don’t let little failures stop you from getting to where you know you’re meant to be and I’m sure by the end of this year you’ll be surprised at the progress you have made.

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