How do you Market Yourself as an Actor? Part 1

As an actor, you are a business. And with any business, marketing is crucial for success. If you are like most people, you’ve heard the term “marketing” so much that it has become a vague concept void of any practical direction. So, what does it mean to “market” yourself as an actor?

What are you marketing?

It might feel a little backwards, but to better understand the concept of marketing, start by determining what you will be marketing. In other words, who are you? What is your brand?

Why should casting directors cast you? What makes you different from everyone else?

Your experience / training

Have you trained and studied under recognizable names? Have you starred in anything with a recognizable actor, director or brand? Showcase them!

When it comes to marketing, a key element is conveying credibility and developing trust. This is most easily accomplished when you are able to associate yourself with things that already resonate with your market.

Don’t have any recognizable associations in your resume? No problem! Your demo reel is still a great way to establish credibility. Build confidence in your skills by showcasing quality work in your demo reel.

Your look

Do you have a specific look? Are you “the girl next door” type or do you have “bitchy resting face“?

Don’t fight it, embrace it.

If you embrace who you are and promote yourself as such, you’ll be placing yourself in the path of casting directors looking for your “type”.

Your personality

Do you have a natural charm and excel at comedic performances? Are you a bit eccentric and thrive in situations where you showcase your skills as a character actor?

When starting out, don’t worry about getting “pigeonholed” into a specific type of character. A niche, particularly one that is sincere to your personality, is precisely what you need to stand out.

What next?

Hopefully you’ve begun to really think about who you are and what your brand should be.

Part 2 of this series will cover some practical steps you can take to promote this newly formed personal brand.

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