The Importance of Your Acting Website

No matter where you are in your journey to become a working actor, marketing yourself will always be a key element of your career. In this pursuit, there are countless ways to promote yourself online – social media, databases, backstage, actor’s access, and countless others.

So Why an Acting Website?

Your acting website should be your central hub for all of your other online accounts and profiles. It’s the place to let your personality shine through blog posts, photo galleries (not just your headshots), demo reels, and a detailed bio.

What Industry Leaders Have to Say

Having a personal website these days is non-negotiable. Studio execs, producers, and casting directors often google talent before general meetings or when making tough casting decisions. In these scenarios, having a kick-ass website is your greatest promotional tool, and one of the only parts of your career you can completely control.

Taryn Southern

Your website is probably the most important marketing tool you have.

Gwyn Gilliss

With all of the above, [acting website] we have found that actors have better chance of getting representation and management

Gwyn Gilliss

 Let Actolio Work for You

Actolio was developed to empower actors in taking control of their online marketing. Our tools allow you to create your own, professionally designed website in the easiest way possible. How do we know? Because we’ve designed it specifically for you.

Actolio is the best tool for creating your acting website. We guarantee that you will be able to quickly create a website that you are proud to use in promoting yourself.

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